Airfield Estates Winery

560 Merlot Drive,
Prosser, WA
Pet Friendly Airfield Estates Winery in Prosser, WA
Airfield Estates is a dog friendly winery and warmly welcomes friendly, well-behaved, well-socialized dogs on leashes. Dogs are allowed in the tasting room, the patio, and on the grounds. Before you bring your dog into the winery, check with a staff member first as the winery dogs may be on premise.

Thurston-Wolfe Winery

588 Cabernet Court,
Prosser, WA
Pet Friendly Thurston-Wolfe Winery in Prosser, WA
Thurston-Wolfe Winery is a dog friendly winery -- dogs on a leash are welcome on the patio.

Apex Cellers

357 Port St.,
Prosser, WA
Pet Friendly Apex Cellers in Prosser, WA
Apex Cellers is a dog friendly winery. Dogs on a leash are welcome inside the facility with a welcoming water dish and dog treat. Owners are responsible for picking up after their pet.


MaryMoor Park

6046 West Lake Sammamish Parkway NE,
Redmond, WA
MaryMoor Park covers 640 acres, 40 of which are dedicated as an off-leash dog area. Dogs can play and run off leash as long as they are under voice command. The off-leash dog area includes fields, trails and dog accessible waterways for doggie swimming.

Redmond's Bar and Grill

7979 Leary Way NE,
Redmond, WA
Pet Friendly Redmond's Bar and Grill in Redmond, WA
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Postdoc Brewing

17625 NE 65th St. #100,
Redmond, WA
Pet Friendly Postdoc Brewing in Redmond, WA
Outdoor seating allows dogs

Stone House

16244 Cleveland St.,
Redmond, WA
Patio is pet friendly


Whistle Stop Alehouse

809 S 4th St.,
Renton, WA
Pet Friendly Whistle Stop Alehouse in Renton, WA
Dogs allowed, outdoor seating only

Cedar River Dog Park

1156 S 3rd Street,
Renton, WA
Dog friendly park


Paws-Abilities Dog Park

330 Keene Road,
Richland, WA
Dog friendly park


Beaver Lake Dog Park

25101 SE 24th Street,
Sammamish, WA
Pet Friendly Beaver Lake Dog Park in Sammamish, WA
Dog friendly park


North Acres Dog Park

12718 1st Ave NE,
Seattle, WA
Dog friendly park

Dr. Jose Rizal Dog Park

12th Ave S,
Seattle, WA
Dogs welcome

Plymoth Pillars Dog Park

Boren Ave,
Seattle, WA
Dog Park

Golden Garden Dog Park

Seaview Place NW,
Seattle, WA
Dogs welcome

Northeast Veterinary Hospital

9505 35th Ave NE,
Seattle, WA
Pet Friendly Northeast Veterinary Hospital in Seattle, WA
Open 7 days a week to be there when you need them. Northeast Veterinary Hospital is a great choice when in need of help for a pet emergency during your trip or vacation on the road with your dog.

Warren G. Magnuson Dog Park

7400 Sand Point Way NE,
Seattle, WA
Dog Park

Regrade Dog Park

2251 3rd Ave,
Seattle, WA
Dogs welcome
The Goodtime II joined the fun as the first dog-friendly addition to the holiday tradition (rhyme totally intended). Pups and their humans enjoyed champagne toasts, doggie hors doeuvres provided by The Dining Dog Cats, and pictures with Santa Paws!

Genesee Dog Park

4316 S Genesee Street,
Seattle, WA
Dog friendly park

Woodland Dog Park

Aurora Ave N,
Seattle, WA
Dog Park

Westcrest Dog Park

9000 8th Ave SW,
Seattle, WA
Dog friendly park

Pike Place Market

Market Square ,
Seattle, WA
Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle....dowtown exit off I-5 in WA and follow straight down past Palace Theatre to very end, and hang right then first left to top of Pike Place Market. Parking is very tough but search along market on left side or parking building just one block sth for 6.00. All the vendors, seafood/bakery counters people will meet/greet and treat your pet to goodies, including smidgeons of fresh Pacific Salmon and flaky pastries. Its doggie heaven for treats/belly scratches.

Dog Day on Elliott Bay

Seattle, WA
Citydog Magazine hosts an annual Summer Muttmixer with Argosy Cruises, like a booze cruise for pups (without the booze). The scenic cruise takes passengers to Blake Island, a Seattle state park with 400 acres of uninhabited dog-friendly beaches and trails. Dog Day on Elliott Bay then treats its furry passengers to a healthy box lunch of turkey, veggies, and treats provided by The Dining Dog Café. Humans are not to worry, they’re just as pampered, too; the lunch menu includes grilled pork ribs, Kobe burgers, a famous potato salad, and more.


Heron & Beaver Pub

45th & Pacific,
Seaview, WA
The Heron & Beaver Pub in Seaview, WA will let you and Fido dine on their deck while listening to the Pacific surf and contemplating the gardens of the Historic Shelburne Inn. Loverly.

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