Westport Winery

1 S Arbor Rd.,
Aberdeen, WA
Image of Westport Winery
Pets welcome on patio

Thai Smiles

100 N Park St.,
Aberdeen, WA
Image of Thai Smiles
Outdoor seating allows dogs


Roegner Dog Park

601 Orvetz Road,
Auburn, WA
Dogs welcome

Roegner Dog Park

601 Orvetz Road,
Auburn, WA
Dogs welcome


Purple Cafe and Wine Bar

430 106th Ave NE,
Bellevue, WA
Image of Purple Cafe and Wine Bar
Bring your pet with and enjoy our outdoor seating area.

Palomino Restaurant & Bar

610 Bellevue Way NE,,
Bellevue, WA
Image of Palomino Restaurant & Bar
Pets welcome on patio

I Love Sushi

23 Lake Bellevue Dr.,
Bellevue, WA
Image of I Love Sushi
Pets welcome patio available

Home Depot

325 120th Ave. NE,
Bellevue, WA
Employees at this Home Depot are very friendly to dogs of all kinds. Put a blanket in the shopping cart and head for the lumber section (to build a dog house, of course).

O'Char Thai

15600 NE 8th St.,
Bellevue, WA
Image of O'Char Thai
Located in Crossroads Bellevue.

Mercato Stellina Pizzeria

10000 Main St.,
Bellevue, WA
Outdoor table allow dogs


Village Books

1200 Eleventh Street,
Bellingham, WA
Village Books, Fairhaven, Washington! Owners Chuck and Dee Robinson run a fantastic, 3-story, new and used book store with two cafes! I have met many nice doggies there, and they encourage canine participation by handing out treats at the counter. An indispensible part of the Fairhaven/Bellingham community, this is a must-see when traveling to Vancouver, B.C., the Olympic Peninsula or other destinations in NW Washington state. With your dog, of course!

Schweinhaus Biergarten

1330 N State St.,
Bellingham, WA
Image of Schweinhaus Biergarten
Patio is pet friendly

Cafe Rumba

1140 N State St.,
Bellingham, WA
Image of Cafe Rumba
Dog are welcome on the patio

Aslan Brewing Company

1330 N Forest St.,
Bellingham, WA
Image of Aslan Brewing Company
Pets welcome on the patio. Offering 100% organic brew. Pushing the boundaries of craft beer while preserving the purity of brewing tradition. Pride of the Organic Northwest.

Doggie Diner

1007 Harris Avenue,
Bellingham, WA
This restaurant not only welcomes dogs, but has a menu for them. The human food--soups, salads and sandwiches are very good and reasonably priced. The pet menu is great; it's made up of all kinds of dog cookies and cakes, but healthy.

Kulshan Brewery Co.

2238 James St.,
Bellingham, WA
Image of Kulshan Brewery Co.
Bring Fido if you plan on sitting outdoors.

Benton City

Tapteil Vineyard

20206 E. 583 PR N.E.,
Benton City, WA
Image of Tapteil Vineyard
Pets welcome on patio


Packers Oyster Bar

9565 Semiahmoo Pkwy,
Blaine, WA
Image of Packers Oyster Bar
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Bay Cafe @ Birch Bay

7608 Birch Bay Dr.,
Blaine, WA
Image of Bay Cafe @ Birch Bay
Sit among the flowers with your dog on the patio and get a quick bit to eat while on the road.

Skallman Municipal Dog Park

Yew Ave & Pipeline Road,
Blaine, WA
Dog friendly park


Tambark Dog Park

17217 35th Ave SE,
Bothell, WA
Dog friendly park


Margueite Brons Memorial Dog Park

Bayview Road & Becker Road ,
Clinton, WA
Dog friendly park


Patmore Pit Dog Park

Patmore Road ,
Coupeville, WA
Dog friendly park


The Dining Dog

9635 Firdale Ave. N.,
Edmonds, WA
Image of The Dining Dog
Dogs welcome on the deck

Salish Sea Brewing Co.

518 Dayton St #104,
Edmonds, WA
Image of Salish Sea Brewing Co.
Dogs allowed, outdoor seating only

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