Woodstock - Pet-Friendly Places

The whole town of Woodstock, NY accepts pets virtually everywhere. Now it is much easier if it is a small dog but big dogs are allowed in most of the same places. A number of the shops in town have store dogs and allow dogs. Here are a few that do: Changes (men's clothing store), Comfort Zone (older women/men clothing store), Jean Turmo (makeup and other misc. things store), Tails of Woodstock (a pet store with everything for a pet from food to clothes), Woofstock (general pet store), Taco Juan (fast mexican food and ice cream). Those are the places that I know have no problems with allowing you to bring your dog however when I go to both banks in town I bring my dog in but she is a small Bichon Frisce so I just carry her. But nobody at the banks ever seems to mind, in fact they give her

The Main Strip

Woodstock, NY
When my wife and I visited Woodstock, NY we brought our pet skink with us. All of the store personell loved it and thought it was great fun, and he enjoyed the traveling.