Provincetown - Pet-Friendly Places



Provincetown, MA
Image of Breakwater
After a long day taking in the local sites that include: The Brewster Store, Brewster Historical Society Museum, Brewster Ladies' Library, The Brewster Store Brewster Sweet, Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, Cape Cod Sea Camps, Captain Freeman Inn, Satucket Farms and may be The Woodshed. How about your take your best friend to this dog park: leashed pets allowed.

Bubala's by the Bay

183 Commercial Street,
Provincetown, MA
Dogs welcome on the patio

Central House at the Crown

247 Commercial St.,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Central House at the Crown
Dog are welcome on the patio

Harbor Beach

Commercial St and Ryder St,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Harbor Beach
Dog owners/walkers are required to clean up after their animal immediately and dispose of the waste in a waste container.

Herring Cove

300 Province Lands Rd,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Herring Cove
Dogs are allowed beyond the lifeguard protected sections of the beach, but required to remain leashed.

Joe Coffee & Cafe

170 Commercial Street,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Joe Coffee & Cafe
Bring Fido if you plan on sitting outdoors.

Karoo Kafe

338 Commercial Street,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Karoo Kafe
Bring Fido if you plan on sitting outdoors.

Patio American Grill

328 Commercial Street,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Patio American Grill
Outdoor seating allows pets

Pilgrim Bark Park

Rte 6 and Shank Painter,
Provincetown, MA
Pilgrim Bark Park located in Provincetown on Cape Cod has a general and small dog section. Many of the elements of the park such as the benches, poop bag stations,and signs were made by local artists. The Whale's Tail Memorial and 'super-size dog house are located right outside the enclosed fence. The signature piece of the dog park is the Mayflower Bench. Provincetown's canine history dates back to 1620 when two dogs came over on the Mayflower Ship.

Race Point Beach

Race Point Road,
Provincetown, MA
Located two miles from Provincetown with its own lighthouse, this beach is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore and is governed by its pet policy, which is: Pets on a 6-foot leash are permitted on the beaches with the following exceptions: They are not permitted on lifeguard-protected beaches during the summer, though passing through such an area to unprotected areas of the beach is permitted; they are not permitted on freshwater pond beaches from May 15 to October 15; and they are not permitted in posted locations during shorebird nesting periods—passing through such areas is strictly prohibited. Pets are NOT permitted on designated nature trails; bicycle trails not specifically designated as “pets are permitted”; in areas designated as “protected” by lifeguards during the summer months you may walk your leashed pet through these areas to enjoy walks on “nonprotected” stretches of beach, beyond the red signs; and posted areas where shorebirds nest.

Race Point Beach

190 Race Point Rd,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Race Point Beach
Dogs welcome at Race Point Beach. Be aware of signs and keep your pet from certain areas.

Wired Puppy Provincetown

379 Commercial St.,
Provincetown, MA
Image of Wired Puppy Provincetown
Pets welcome on patio