New Orleans

Pal's Lounge

949 N Rendon St.,
New Orleans, LA
Patio is pet friendly

French Quarter

New Orleans, LA
The French Quarter, New Orleans, LA. Tutti, my english bulldog loves to spend his days here. Our first stop is the dog bakery to get treats. Our next stop is the flea market and farmers market to shop.If I need a treat we stop at Cafe du Monde for biegnets. Then we mosey on to Pirates Alley to view some art and maybe get a psychic reading. We always visit Marie Laveau's Voodoo Shop on St. Peters. Our last stop is Bourbon Street. The strip clubs are off limits for him but people watching is great. During Mardi Gras we dress in our favorite costume and walk in the dog parade.

Buffa's Restaurant & Lounge

1001 Esplanade Ave.,
New Orleans, LA
Edge of French Quarter. Dog friendly so long as they stay out of the kitchen!

Rare Form NOLA

437 Esplanade Ave.,
New Orleans, LA
Pet Friendly Rare Form NOLA in New Orleans, LA
Outdoor seating allows dogs

Three Dog Bakery

827 Royal St.,
New Orleans, LA
A bakery just for dogs! (ok, there's stuff for cats, too.) Everything here is safe for your pooch to eat, plus toys, books, collars, you name it. We had a birthday party for a friend's dog there, including an "easter egg hunt" for treats, and Muppet loved it! (Though Baron and Dougal, her brothers, were a bit jealous of all the attention.) I believe they will deliver, and even have a doggie wedding cake. Fun!

The Bridge Lounge

Magazine Street,
New Orleans, LA
Hip and trendy bar in uptown New Orleans - a favorite among young, single lawyers, and their dogs. Close to the central business district, near the Mississippi River bridge (Crescent City Connection). Dogs and sometimes cats visit nightly, but there are specific pet nights too. Pictures of dogs adorn the walls.


Rotoloƕs Pizzeria Shreveport

1409 E 70th St., Suite 129,
Shreveport, LA
Patio is pet friendly


Repeat Performance

1060 Front Street,
Slidell, LA
The owner of this shop, I like to call her mom, brings one of our 11 animals to work with her everyday. He is a chocolate lab mix, and he was recently diagnosed with diabetes. She injects him, and one of our cats too, with insulin twice a day. The injections have caused him to go blind, but he is the sweetest dog and has gathered a fan club that come to see him every chance they get.

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