Black Shirt Brewing Company

3719 Walnut Street,
Denver, CO
Pet Friendly  Black Shirt Brewing Company in Denver, CO
Most breweries attempt to satisfy every palate. That is not their mission. They focus on one style, exploring its potential, pushing its boundaries. They craft red ales. The definitive American beer, a handheld symbol of our birthright. Evoking a time when people did one thing and did it damn well. They do everything by hand, in small batches. No gimmicks. They are happy to let you enjoy your beer with your dog on the Pet friendly patio.

Denver Bicycle Cafe

1308 E 17th Ave,
Denver, CO
Bike up with your pet and enjoy this cafe in Denver Colorado.

Kaos Pizzeria

1439 S Pearl St,
Denver, CO
Pet Friendly Kaos Pizzeria in Denver, CO
Enjoy the nice weather with your dog on the garden tables.

Stella's Coffeehaus

1476 S Pearl St,
Denver, CO
Patio is pet friendly with complimentary dog discuits.

The Tavern Uptown

538 E 17th Ave,
Denver, CO
Pets welcome on the outdoor patio.

Wash Perk

853 E Ohio Ave,
Denver, CO
Pets welcome at Wash Perk


650 Sherman St.,
Denver, CO
Pet Friendly Racines in Denver, CO
Racines has 8 tables on the patio that are dog friendly.

Station 26 Brewing Co.

7045 E 38th Ave.,
Denver, CO
Pet friendly patio

Pablo's Coffee

630 E 6th Ave.,
Denver, CO
Pet Friendly Pablo's Coffee in Denver, CO
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant - Denver

7970 East 49th Avenue,
Denver, CO
Pet Friendly Islamorada Fish Company Restaurant - Denver in Denver, CO
Bring Fido if you plan on sitting outdoors.

Market at Larimer Square

1445 Larimer St,
Denver, CO
Pet Friendly Market at Larimer Square in Denver, CO
Pooch friendly patio


Cyprus Cafe

725 E 2nd Ave.,
Durango, CO
Dog are welcome on the patio

Ska Brewing

225 Girard St.,
Durango, CO
Pet Friendly Ska Brewing in Durango, CO
Pets welcome on patio

Carver Brewing Company

1022 Main Ave.,
Durango, CO
Pet Friendly Carver Brewing Company in Durango, CO
Great outdoor patio to enjoy with your dog

Guido's Favorite Foods

1201 Main Ave.,
Durango, CO
Pet Friendly Guido's Favorite Foods in Durango, CO
Sit on the patio and bring your dog with


The Gashouse

Edwards, CO
The Gashouse - Edwards Colorado Located near the blue ribbon fishing waters of the Eagle River in Edwards, the Gashouse has a rustic, hunting lodge atmosphere and serves up hearty, unpretentious food. The Gashouse was originally a log cabin filling station in the 1940s. The bar was the back porch of the original structure and visitors now dine where customers once paid for gas. Renovated in 1983 by Connie and Clay Irons, the resaurant was named in part for its history as a filling station and in part for a baseball team named "The Gashouse Gang" in honor of Clays great-great-great-uncle, Abner Doubleday, the inventor of baseball. So, I got this off some site for the verbiage but the most relevant issue is their Doggy Happy Hours Thursdays when the large outdoor patio can be used. I think this past summer was their 1st or 2nd year of Doggy Happy hour and boy is it a success. Dog customers get a little happy hour bag with treats, sausages, etc..a bowl of non-alcoholic beverage.

Gashouse Restaurant

34185 Hwy 6,
Edwards, CO
Doggie Happy Hour every Tuesday afternoon from 4:30 - 6:00PM during the summer, on the patio. Drinks and appetizers half price. Goodies for dogs include leashes, treats, bandanas, water bowls.

Crazy Mountain Brewing Company

439 Edwards Access Rd.,
Edwards, CO
Great outdoor patio to enjoy with your dog


The Brew on Broadway

3445 S Broadway,
Englewood, CO
Pet Friendly The Brew on Broadway in Englewood, CO
Outdoor seating allows dogs


The Den Restaurant

6941 Highway 73Ê,
Evergreen, CO
Pet friendly patio

Fort Collins

Spring Canyon Dog Park

Fort Collins, CO
The dog park is located at the west end of Horsetooth Road, in the undeveloped Spring Canyon Community Park along Spring Creek. The site is a fenced 2-3 acre area where dogs are permitted to run without leashes. All regulations are posted at the site including all animal feces are to be picked up by the dog handlers. Bags and trash cans are provided. This popular park was developed in cooperation with the Larimer County Humane Society and gives dog owners a chance to exercise their dogs legally off leash. Recent additions include a fenced in area for small and shy dogs and a water fountain for you and your pet. Spring Canyon Dog Park will remain open throughout the construction of the new community park.

Jax Outdoor Gear

1200 N. College Ave. ,
Fort Collins, CO
Outdoor store located North of downtown Fort Collins that specializes in hiking, camping and other outdoor goods. Welcomes friendly dogs to accompany the shopping experience!

New Belgium Brewing Company

500 Linden St.,
Fort Collins, CO
Pet Friendly New Belgium Brewing Company in Fort Collins, CO
Dogs welcome on the patio

Wild Boar Coffee

1510 S College Ave.,
Fort Collins, CO
Pet Friendly Wild Boar Coffee in Fort Collins, CO
Dogs welcome at outdoor seating

Fossil Creek Dog Park

5821 South Lemay Avenue,
Fort Collins, CO
This dog park is located at 5821 South Lemay Avenue at the entrance to Fossil Creek Community Park. Canines and owners are welcome to let go of the leashes and run freely within the fenced in area. The park is 3/4 to one acre in size and also includes a small fenced off area for small or shy dogs. There is a drinking fountain located within the double fence at the entrance to provide water for you and your pets. Rules and regulations are posted near the entrance. There is no charge for entrance into this park.

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